Is It Really Legal To Get Herbal Highs? Herbal Highs Facts

Yes it is perfectly legal to get high by smoking herbs. Herbs have been used for centuries for a variety of purposes. Shamans used herbs for healing, for relaxation, and for achieving a heightened sense of well-being. Herbs were used in various forms. It can be dried and smoked; its extracts can be used for use in teas to produce a meditative state. They are also ground and a paste is produced for medical treatments.

Herbal highs are easily accessible and can be bought in any country when it is not restricted by any country’s Drug Act (drug laws). Though accessible and legal, the consequences (what you do after smoking) may not be legal. An altered state of mind might adversely affect your judgment. The typical precautions used on many medications and with alcohol are the same for herbal highs. Do not drive or operate machinery while you are under the influence. Since the effect of herbal highs on unborn children is not known, it is best to either not get herbal highs or to consult your physician.

Herbal highs are also called legal highs. They can come from a variety of substances including plant materials in crude forms. Chemicals are harvested from natural minerals to also obtain an herbal high.

Herbal highs can be gotten from a wide variety of natural sources. Some of them will be familiar to you: Catnip an herb fed to cats that make them hyper. Dill, Hops (an ingredient in beer) and sassafras are also herbs that many are familiar with. Familiar herbs to cook include nutmeg, parsley, wild fennel and wild lettuce.

Harry Potter stories have made use of the herb mandrake in Herbology classes. Another familiar chemical L- Tryptophan is found in turkey and it causes most of us to feel subdued and tired after a turkey dinner.

Herbal highs may be dangerous even though they are 100% natural. They can impair judgment therefore; it is highly recommended that you not drive if you are under the influence of an herbal high. You should not operate heavy machine or attempt tasks that require intense focus. The effects of these highs are very similar to or worse than those experienced with alcohol. Currently herbal highs are legal, but this may change. You get herbal highs at your own risk as we do ourselves.

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