“Legal Highs” Leading to Chemical Depenedency

The use of hard drugs in the United States and U.K has been decreasing over the past year, but “Legal Highs” have come to take their place. As addiction physiology professionals and those in the chemical dependency counseling community help people fight off the addiction, it’s hard to stop it in the first place when something so bad is so….”legal”!

What are “Legal Highs”?

“Legal Highs” are different types of items that people use to obtain a high, but they are called “legal” because the government hasn’t been able to put out a ban yet. These “legal highs” come off as just ordinary items, but can hold serious health risks. While most of them don’t last long before getting banned, the government can’t keep track of the thousands of variations produced a year and this is why they pose such a threat.

Why are they so bad?

“Legal Highs” cause on average about 1,500 deaths a year in the U.S alone, but the number spiked in 2011. From January to February we saw over 4,000 deaths from these highs and the number continued to grow to over 8,000 throughout the year. The reason these pose such a problem is because literally anyone can buy and use them at their own discretion. Not only that, but “Legal Highs” are known in the chemical dependency counseling community to have some of the worst and horrid psychological effects such as suicide, murder and dementia.

How to help.

Aside from passing information to a friend or relative many people have chosen the alternative of chemical dependency counseling. This is a powerful way to help someone with an addiction or even a bad habit, while creating a career for yourself. It can change the life of another person and it’s never been easier.

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